How to select a water drill pipe

How to select a water drill pipe-min

In order to select a water drill pipe, it’s very important to select a water drill pipe that would best fit your needs because when the drillers don’t meet the challenges of soil location the expense of the project increases. Before selecting any water drill pipe we should keep in mind these three factors:


Location is the main factor you should keep in mind in order to select a water pipe that would perform best in those conditions.


Generally, all the drills look similar but a closer look with help to determine if the quality of the drill is good or not. Some manufacturers provide drills that have low-cost, but these drills are also low in quality. Low-quality drills have a shorter service span and therefore the ROI for these drills is very low. In order to select a water drill pipe that fits your requirements make sure it has features that could simplify maintenance as it makes it easy for the maintenance team to extend the service life of the drill.

Examine the soil condition properly. Mechanical drillers and hydraulic drillers are the two types of drillers. Mechanical drillers are good for drilling in the sand, clay and loamy soils but when it is required to drill deeper through hard rocks hydraulic drill is a better choice.


Select a water drill pipe manufacturer that provides a 24/7 technical support, user manuals and video manuals. Some manufacturers also provide training facilities so that the workers could be trained with the drill before using them.  Make sure that the manufacturer has the spare parts in advance.

Frequently asked questions related to water drill pipes

How to choose the right water drill pipe?

1. Select the water drill pipe according to your site location
2. Make sure to select the best quality pipe
3. Look for manufacturer that provides 24/7 support

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Water Drill Pipe

Drill Pipe

Tube Technologies, Inc has an established reputation in delivering best quality of pipes. We’ve worked with hundreds of customers and have sold thousands of water well drill pipes. We provide solutions that would best cater to the needs of our clients and help them achieve their desired result and target.

Drill Pipe Selection

Tube Technologies offers the above Range of Water Drill Pipe and Tool Joint profiles. We will also be happy to provide any length drill rod required in a variety of optional wall thicknesses, thread connections, and breakout configurations.

 Drill Pipewelded drill pipe weldingwelding

Carbide banding 4 inch API Rod

Pipe OD Wall Lengths Threads Flats Lugs
2 3/8″ .190, .254, .280 1.5M, 5′, 2M, 3M, 10′, 15′, 20′ 15′, 20′, 25′ 2IF, 2 3/8 M Jr Y Y
2 7/8″ .217, .276, .362 same 2 3/8 M Jr, 2 3/8 reg,
2 3/8 M Reg, 2 3/8 IF,
2 7/8 2 3/8 M Reg, 2 3/8IF
3″ .156, .188, .250, .375 same 2 3/8 Reg Y Y
3 1/2″ .219, .254, .368, .449 same plus 30′ 2 3/8 Reg, 2 3/8IF Y N
4″ .250, .330, .380, .500 same plus 30′ 2 7/8IF, 3 1/2 Reg, 3 1/2 FH Y N
4 1/2″ .250, .271, .291, .337, .430, .500, .750 same plus 30′ 2 7/8IF, 3 1/2 Reg, 3 1/2 FH Y N
5″ .296, .362, .500, .750 same plus 30′ 3 1/2 IF Y N
5 1/2″ .362, ..478, .500 same plus 30′ 3 1/2IF, 4 1/2 Reg, 4IF, 4FH Y N
6 5/8″ .330, .362, .475 same plus 30′ 4 1/2 IF, 8 1/2 FF Y N
7″ .362, .498 same plus 30′ 4 1/2 IF, 8 1/2 FF Y N

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