Tube Technologies, Inc have an established reputation in the Mining Industry. We’ve worked with hundreds of customers and have sold thousands of pipe. We provide solutions that would best cater the needs of our clients and help them achieve their desired result and target.

We have a team of experts who are responsible for presenting you with an optimum solution for your requirements of mining tools. As a leading organization trust and client satisfaction is what we look forward to delivering to each and every client. We understand how important quality and durability are in the mining industry.

Our experts know it very well that the success of any project in the mining industry depends upon the quality of tools and equipment that are employed in the project. We utilize the very best alloy steel and then enhance and maximize its strength and durability.  We provide our clients with a proven product that meets the rugged and diverse Mining applications while maintaining its performance.

Drilling methods offered

  1. ITH Tooling
  2. Blast Hole Tooling
  3. Diamond Coring

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