Advantages of Inertia Welding

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If you are looking forward to reducing production time and material cost, then you should definitely take a look at Inertia Welding. Inertia welding is a type of friction welding  in which the metal parts are joined together by means of force. To generate the friction a rotating part is pressed or forced against a stationary part. The heat produced by this friction allows the metals to flow and bond at the welded surface. 

Inertia welding provides several advantages, let’s take a look at the advantages of Inertia Welding.

1. Can be used to combines a variety of metals

The first out of four advantages of inertia welding is that with the help of Inertia welding a variety of metals can be welded together that can’t be joined by using the traditional methods of welding.  For example, If you require a part that should be resistant to corrosion for your application but you don’t want to use the same material throughout your application as it can increase the material cost. With the help of Inertia welding, you can join the corrosion resistant material and the less resistant material as per your needs and requirements. 

2. Reduces need for expensive materials

The next advantage of using inertia welding is that while using Inertia Welding you can join expensive and less expensive material together. Since it allows you to weld different types of materials together therefore you can reduce the amount of expensive material and replace it with other cheaper material where it’s not required. 

3. Minimal impact on the material properties

The greatest advantage of the four advantages of Inertia welding is that it has a least impact on the material properties. It provides you with a cleaner finish and a ready to use product, thereby reducing your production time.

4. Creates strong joints

The joints produced by Inertia Welding are robust and air tight. Because of the proper intermixing and solidification of two products the joint produced is as strong as the original material. 

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Frequently asked questions related to Inertia welding

What are the advantages of Inertia Welding?

Inertia welding has various advantages over the traditional methods:

1. It can be used to join variety of metals
2. It has minimum impact on the properties of material
3. The strength of the joints created through Inertia welding is strong
4. It is a cost effective technique

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