Advantages of Drill and Blast Method

Advantages of Drill and Blast Method-min

Less waste material

The greatest advantage out of the five advantages of drill and blast method is that it generates minimum waste material after the work is completed. Therefore it saves the expense of cleanup work and additional labourers. It also saves the time wasted for the cleanup process.

Minimum cleanup work

The waste material generated is very less and therefore there is very less cleanup work to be done at the done of process. Since the waste material is minimum, therefore, the cost of clean up work is also minimized.

No disturbance to local traffic

Blast and drill method do not create any disturbance for the local traffic. The local traffic can go on normally while the drill and blast method is going on.

Minimum impact on the environment

This process has a very minimal impact on the environment. 

Duration of vibration is less

One of the advantages of drill and blast method is that blasting significantly reduces the duration of vibration. The vibrations are felt only for a short duration and as soon as the work is completed there is no vibration after some time.

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Frequently asked questions related to drill and blast method advantages

What are the advantages of Drill and Blast method?

1. It produces minimum waste material
2. Since little waste material is produced therefore clean up work is also minimum
3. It doesn’t produce any disturbance to the local traffic
4. It leaves a minimum impact on the environment
5. It has reduced duration of vibration

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