Subs & Adaptors

Sub Adaptors

Water Subs and Adaptors are manufactured from quality heat-treated alloy steel for durability and strength.

Tube Technologies can manufacture any type of sub adapter. Made from 4142 heat-treated alloy which is then hardened to 32 – 36 Rockwell provides maximum strength as subs are hardened to 32-36 Rockwell C substantially stronger than the traditional commercial bar stock. Breakout (custom flats or lugs) are available on request. Our extensive array of thread gages allows you to have complete customization of any sub adapter.

Call us at 1 800 536 5875 for a quick quote on your sub-requirements – we can manufacture the full range of API subs in addition to most threads common to the water well industry.

Shock Subs

Shock Subs

Tube Technologies shock subs are manufactured to reduce vibrations during the drilling process. By using a shock sub you can increase the life expectancy of the drill bit and drilling machine. You can also increase the drilling rate at which you drill. Shock subs are a cost-effective way to increase efficiency and durability of your drilling operation.

Call us at 1 800 536 5875 with your connection information and we will provide you quote on virtually any design shock sub you require – we have a large library of thread drawings.

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