Tube Technologies Inc. is dedicated to manufacturing quality blast hole tooling. Performance and durability are the two most important factors for the successful completion of drilling operations. We have a team of experts who are aware of the adverse conditions and challenges that blast hole tooling must endure and therefore they help us manufacture the best performance-driven blast hole tools in the industry.

We utilize the best quality heat-treated alloy steel to manufacture our tooling. we offer both Integral and Welded Products.

Our team of experts are capable of employing the appropriate heat treatment and wear surface technology to important areas on the tooling where there is a need to overcome stress.

To maximize the performance of Blast Hole tooling it must be in sync with the temperature. We analyze each and every aspect and then present our clients with an optimum solution.

We offer a variety of blast hole toolings:

  1. Drill Pipes
  2. Stabilizers
  3. Subs and Adaptors

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