Tube Technologies Inc. is centrally located at Minneapolis, MN, and has been in operation since 1992. Our promise is that we will provide you value by manufacturing a quality product, and we guarantee our product’s performance & durability.

Tube Technologies Inc, is an ISO 9001:2005 certified company and a proud member of “National Ground Water Association” (NGWA).

Tube Technologies, Inc. employs skilled and experienced technical salespeople to ensure the best product design and customer experience for your needs. We have built a strong team of responsible employees that are hungry to win your drilling business. Our warehouse has a unique blend of manufacturing capabilities. Our shop can weld, forge, and heat treat steel. We also utilize CNC machines. Inertia welding provides the strength of the best welding technique along with the cost-saving of not having to uses 7’ of 130 KSI steel. In addition, we use CNC machines to manufacture the ends of our products. Our Tool Joints are made of 4140/4137 heat treated material.

Our expert engineers oversee these processes to ensure that the design and manufacturing of the product is done to customer specifications. Tube Tech’s overall company system allows our organization to deliver both exceptional quality and value to you.

We integrate design engineering, Advanced technology Inertia welding, Upset Forging, Heat Treatment enhancement processes, CNC machining, EMI MAG Particle and Ultrasonic Inspection, and a full quality control laboratory to deliver a quality product.

Skilled and experienced engineering staff ensures the best product design for your specific application.

Additional Information

  • Helical Anchors Inc. is another sister company and we share a headquarters with HAI in Minneapolis, MN. HAI supplies foundational helical anchors for construction projects.
  • Tube Technologies Inc’s parent company is Jindal Saw. Jindal SAW is the pioneer, a leader, and part of the most dynamic business houses in India. Jindal SAW has adapted to the changing times and has continued to be the frontrunner in the manufacturing of steel products.