How to Select the Right Drill Pipe

How to Select the Right Drill Pipe-min

You should not rely upon sheer luck while choosing the drill pipe. Selecting the right drill pipe is as important as any other part of the operational process as it will save your time and money. Let’s take a look at some key points to consider in order to select the right drill pipe.

1. Location related & operational considerations

Location should be the first thing that you should keep in mind in order to select the right drill pipe for your project. You should remember these points while choosing a drill pipe:

  • The kind of well you are drilling. Is it an ordinary oil and gas well  or is it a geo thermal well. You should consider the offshore and onshore drilling factor also.
  • Choose the drill pipe according to the desired shape of your well. You need different drill pipes for both straightforward vertical well and directed wel. Keep the well design in mind in order to select the right drill pipe. 
  • Keep in mind about your objective behind drilling. The operation that you will be performing, if it’s rotary drilling or rotary drilling in combination with mud motors.
  • If you want to select the right drill pipe keep in mind about the depth of drilling. The deeper the complex is greater is the risk of over torque and therefore to avoid this you should use a double shoulder connection on your drill pipe.
  • You have to select the right drill pipe in accordance with the flow rate that you require for your process. 
  • Handling equipment and extras. Make sure you have all the safety valves and the necessary pup joints required during the process.
  • You have to consider the operating temperature also. You have to select the pipe in accordance with the work site temperature.

2. Financial considerations

Your financial condition will play a major role when you select the right drill pipe for you. If you have a bold budget then you can go ahead and select the best of the best pipes but if you are tight on budget then you should select the pipe that would work best for you and cost you less. You can’t afford to buy an unsuitable pipe that would increase your future expenses. Therefore before buying a drill pipe keep all the conditions in mind and then  carefully select the one that would best suit your needs.

3. Quality

Drill pipes come in a variety of strengths and sizes. Make sure to choose the pipe that is manufactured to the AP1, DS1 or NS1 standards. You should not compromise on the quality. Before finalizing any drill pipe just check that it had passed all the industry set standards.

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Frequently asked questions related to drill pipe selection

What points should be considered while selecting a drill pipe?

1. The first point to consider is the site location
2. Keep in mind about your operational requirements
3. Choose the pipe that fits your budget
4. Make sure to select the best quality pipe

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