Oil and gas

Tube Technologies, Inc is sister companies with Drill Pipe International Inc, which is focused on the Oil & Gas industry. As a Minnesota company, Tube Technologies is the most northerly certified licensed 5DP API Pipe Manufacturing in North America.

Drill Pipe International has a state of the art manufacturing facility, as well as a quality control system, that has earned both a 5DP Specification and a 7.1 license.

Our companies together have a cumulative experience of over 100 years in terms of ingenuity, engineering, and technical manufacturing. We provide solutions that would best cater to the needs of our clients and help them achieve their desired results and target. We have a team of experts who are responsible for presenting you with an optimum solution for your requirements. As a leading organization trust and client satisfaction is what we look forward to delivering to each and every client. We offer a range of products for the oil and gas industry.

Products offered


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    See our certifications from the American Petroleum Institute below.

License for threading for rotary shouldered connections ,       certificate to use the API monogram

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