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Tube Technologies Inc. a pioneer in engineering provides quality design and the latest technology in drilling equipment and tools. Contact us today to get most affordable and best quality material for your drilling needs.

Manufacturer for Drill Pipe

Tube Technologies, Inc. has been based out of the Minneapolis, Minnesota surrounding area since 1992. “Tube Tech”, provides customers with value by offering quality drilling products which are designed for performance and durability.

Drill Pipe Industries

Water Well Drilling

Water Well Drilling Rig involves multiple factors for consideration. Tube Technologies Inc with its Inertia Welding technology allows Tube Technologies to offer the strongest and most dependable drill pipe.

Tube Technologies understands that the Geo-Thermal Industry requires excellent performance and tooling durability. Our experts make sure the tools delivered by us are accurate and give precise results. The Geo-Thermal industry is demanding in respect to the large amount of footage that must be drilled regularly, and often in diverse geology.

Geo Thermal Industry drilling
trenchless drilling

Tube Technologies, Inc has an established reputation in the manufacturing and delivery of Trenchless utility tools. We’ve worked with hundreds of customers and have sold thousands of tools. We provide solutions that would best cater to the needs of our clients and help them achieve their desired results and target.

Civil Construction tooling manufactured by Tube Technologies delivers quality you can count on. We’ve worked with hundreds of customers and have sold thousands of tools for civil construction. We provide solutions that would best cater to the needs of our clients and help them achieve their desired result and target.

Civil construction drilling
Oil and Gas drilling industry

Tube Technologies, Inc is sister companies with Drill Pipe International Inc, which is focused on the Oil & Gas industry. As a Minnesota company, Tube Technologies is the most northerly certified licensed 5DP API Pipe Manufacturing in North America. Drill Pipe International has a state of the art manufacturing facility, as well as a quality control system, that has earned both a 5DP Specification and a 7.1 license.

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Tube Technologies Inc

About Us

We employ a staff of Sales Representatives, Draftsmen, Engineers, and Manufacturers with a combined 100 years of experience. Our team has an immense amount of Drilling Industry experience. We combine our experience with innovative thinking + engineering expertise to deliver well thought out solutions for your businesses applications.

We have an established reputation in the Mining Industry. We’ve worked with hundreds of customers and have sold thousands of pipe. We understand how important quality and durability are. We utilize the very best alloy steel and then enhance and maximize its strength and durability. The result is a proven product that meets the rugged and diverse Mining applications.

We manufacture wide range of drilling products

Tube Technologies Inc is your trusted partner for top-notch drilling products. From Oil and Gas to water well and building industries, we cater to diverse businesses with our experienced team and industry know-how. Whether it’s drill rods, stabilizers, subs, rotary drilling bits, or accessories, we have the expertise to meet your unique needs.

Our drill pipes are designed for efficiency and durability. They play a crucial role in drilling operations, driven by the increasing global demand for petroleum products. As the oil and gas industry grows, so does the demand for our drill pipes, especially in offshore mining and unconventional sources like shale and tight gas.

API grade drill pipes are our specialty, dominating the global market due to their standardization, cost-effectiveness, and suitability for various environments. We prioritize quality, using inertia welding similar to API oilfield drill pipes, ensuring reliability even in the toughest oilfields.

At Tube Technologies Inc, we control every aspect of manufacturing, from forgings to heat treatment, guaranteeing the highest quality and tolerance for each drill pipe. Our meticulous process results in superior fatigue resistance and extended wear-life, making our drill pipes a standout choice for HDD rigs.

We believe in delivering excellence from start to finish, offering quality-controlled drilling products that meet the toughest industry standards. With in-house manufacturing, we ensure affordability without compromising on quality. Choose Tube Technologies Inc for drilling products that excel in performance and durability.


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