Advantages of Rota Sonic Tooling

Advantages of Rota Sonic Tooling-min

Rota sonic tooling is faster

One of the advantages of rota sonic tooling is that it incorporates high-frequency resonance to eliminate or minimise the friction between the subsurface material and therefore it has high speed than the traditional tooling methods. During the process, the resonant energy is transferred down the drill string to the bit face at several sonic frequencies. Rotating the drill string distributes the energy and impact at the bit face.

Waste is minimised by 80%

Minimal wastage is one of the advantages of rota sonic tooling. Rota sonic tooling uses an innovative casing advancement system. It eliminates slough. It provided improved quality samples even through limestone, dolomite and other scattered materials.

It delivers accurate information

Rota sonic tools provide accurate information. It has less than 1% deviation which assists geologist and environmental scientist to know the exact history and location of the sample.

Easy to use at tough terrains

The greatest advantage of Rota sonic tooling is its weight and size that makes it perfectly suitable for the tough terrain and space-constrained sites. It requires less support equipment. It can be easily transported to remote locations.

Safe to use

It has various safety features that make it safe for the site workers to work with it. It has a reduced noise level and it has an interlocked rotational barrier that slows down the head rotation when the barrier is open.

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Frequently asked questions related to rota sonic tooling

What are the advantages of Rota sonic tooling?

1. It is faster than the traditional tooling methods
2. It eliminates waste by 80%
3. It provides precise information
4. It can be used easily at sites with tough conditions.
5. It is safe to use

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