API Drill Rod

Tube Technologies, Inc has an established reputation in the Oil and gas industry. We’ve worked with hundreds of customers and have sold thousands of drill rods. We provide solutions that would best cater to the needs of our clients and help them achieve their desired results and target.

We have a team of experts who are responsible for presenting you with an optimum solution for your API rods requirements. As a leading organization trust and client satisfaction is what we look forward to delivering to each and every client. We understand how important quality and durability are in the oil and gas industry.

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Inertia WeldingInertia Welding

We have in- house capabilities to upset – heat treat – machine – phosphate coat tool joints, and an integrated quality control system to ensure your Drill Pipe meets API 5DP Specifications. We control the complete manufacturing cycle, and this enables us to assure quality at each step in the manufacture, and achieve economies in the process which we are able to pass on to our customers.

API Drill Rod Sizes from 4 inch to 7 inch in Diameter (All Profiles IU, EU & IEU) Drill Rod Manufactured from 4130 Heat Treated Material.

Inertia Welding

Inertia Welding

Forging internal and external upsetting. Our production line includes technologically advanced Inertia welders.

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Quality Control

Tube inspection

Full-length tubes are inspected using ultrasonic inspection, while the upset ends are tested with a wet magnetic particle inspection. This inspection is carried out after the upsets are machined to the required dimensions. These tests guarantee that the drill pipe is free from defects.

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Heat Treatment for Strength and Durability enhancement

Heat treatment

Heat treatment is completed in -house, allowing us to control all aspects of the manufacturing process.

Drill Pipe International offers a full range of standard 5D grades, and also offers pipe suitable for sour services.

Heat treatment processes are completed in accordance with Drill Pipe International specifications and mechanical testing is performed to industry-standard 5D requirements.

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API Drill Pipe Product Range

API Drill Pipe

Drill Pipe Sizes (inches)Nominal Weight (lb/ft)API nominal wall (inches)

Range of API specification drill pipe 2 7/8” to 6 5/8” with grades of E75, X95, G105, and S135. Additionally, we manufacture to custom lengths and specifications with various API and premium connections.

Our customers can choose from a variety of options to customize their tooling.

HARDBANDING Drill Pipe hard banding is an effective way to reduce the OD wear on the tool joints.

INTERNAL PLASTIC COATING (IPC) IPC provides a barrier against today’s highly corrosive drilling fluids.

API Drill Pipe
API drill pipe

Product NumberDrill Pipe SizeNominal Weight (lbs/ft)API Nominal Wall
510002 7/810.400.362
510013 1/213.300.368
510023 1/215.500.449
510054 1/216.600.337
510064 1/220.000.430
510074 1/222.820.500
510105 1/221.900.361
510115 1/224.70.415
510122 7/810.400.362
510133 1/213.300.368
510143 1/215.500.449
510174 1/216.600.337
510184 1/220.000.430
510194 1/222.820.500
510225 1/221.900.361
510235 1/224.700.415