Lowering & Hoisting

Sonic Hoisting Plugs / Lifting Balls

Tube Technologies manufacture hoist plugs with pin threads as pictured or lifting bail with a box connection. We can offer H90 – threads or your choice of sonic tooling threads in virtually any dimension.

Product Number Hoisting Plug Pin Thread
76000 2 3/8 IF RH Drill Rod
76001 3 ½ H 90 RH Drill Rod
76002 5 7/8 RH Casing
76003 7 5/8 RH Casing

Sonic Fixed Lifting Bail & Rod Plugs – H90 Thread

Image of Sonic Fixed Lifting Bail / Rod Plug

Product Number Description Size Thread
76500 Fixed Bail Hoisting Plug 3 ½ H90
76501 Fixed Bail Hoisting Plug 5 7/8 H90
76502 Fixed Bail Hoisting Plug 7 5/8 H90
76503 Fixed Bail Hoisting Plug 8 5/8 H90
76504 Rod Plug 3 1/2 H90
76505 Rod Plug 5 7/8 H90
76506 Rod Plug 7 5/8 H90

Wash Over Plug – H90 Rod or Casing Thread

We offer a variety of wash over plugs to fit our array of sonic rod and casing – seals the top of the tooling string while washing over the process in taking place – can also have box threads on the plugged end to allow retrieval of tooling that may have slipped downhole.

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