Tube Technologies understands that the Geo-Technical Industry requires excellent performance and tooling durability. Our experts make sure that the Geo Technical tools delivered by us are accurate and give precise results.

Geotechnical Drilling Equipment from Tube Technologies INC
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The Geo-Technical industry is demanding in respect to the large amount of footage that must be drilled regularly, and often in diverse geology. 

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    Geotechnical Drilling

    The effective implementation of a high number of specialty geotechnical building methods necessitates the safe and efficient drilling of holes throughout all floor conditions. Inappropriate methods and means can, in reality, worsen the floor properties or structural requirements the building technique is meant to remedy. You will find a potentially bewildering selection of drilling procedures and related technical issues.

    This inspection is meant as a basic guide to several facets of the technologies, such as drilling methods, flushing, drill hole deviation, specifications and monitoring. Although stone masses are variable concerning structure and strength, re – out of the drilling perspective – usually poses much greater problems into the drilling contractor. For the purposes of the review, overburden is considered any non-lithified substance, either deposited or formed by nature, or put or made by man.

    Such material may vary from loose and soft to hard and compact, and from dry to saturated. Overburden may comprise irregular or artificial inclusions or horizons, which is problematical to permeate – for instance, boulders or heavy bases in lands, and utility trenches or shallow bases in fills. Such circumstances will challenge the drilling contractor that, for monetary reasons, will constantly need to drill the holes as fast as possible, together with the minimal technical”footage” price. Equally, however, specific job demands may impose substantial limitations or functionality requirements.Successful drilling systems have to be capable of allowing continuous and direct penetration in most substances, which might range from very soft to extremely difficult.

    They have to be capable of supplying a continuous diameter, secure (or temporarily stabilized) route full thickness, where the debris has been completely eliminated, and that is in agreement with the requirements of the specialization construction procedure it functions. They’ll employ suitable combinations of torque, thrust, rotary speed, percussive hard work and flush parameters to efficiently reach target thickness. They need to facilitate the efficacy of the flushing medium utilized. They need to ideally be ordered by the ground requirements, price notwithstanding, although historic bias and regional expertise strongly influence the selection. Application should ascertain technique. The procedure also must meet project environmental restraints including sound, vibrations and flush management and disposal.