Raw Material for Drill Pipe 2 min

Tube Technologies INC is providing 10% off on following drill pipe raw material following industries

  1. Drill Pipe Raw Material for Mining Industry
  2. Drill Pipe Raw Material for API Oil and Gas Industry
  3. Drill Pipe Raw Material for the Drilling Industry
  4. Drill Pipe Raw Material for Corning Industry
  5. Drill Pipe Raw Material for Blast Hole Mining and BWJ Mining Industry

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Drill Pipe Raw Material Specifications and Pricing

List of pipesInfoPricing
2.75 (.188) x 10′ CHD-76 1917 ( Finished Good)Finished goods- Mining$229.50/pc
PIPE 2 3/4”OD X 0.188”W X R2Raw Material for NWJ drill pipe$3.35/feet
PIPE 5 1/2”OD X 0.25”W X R1Raw material- water well industry$6.65/feet
PIPE 5 1/2″ODx0.415wx29’3″Upset&QT-S 135API Raw material  Grade S 135$19.35/feet
PIPE 5”OD X 0.296”W X R2Raw material$7.70/feet
BAR 2 7/8”OD X 20′Raw material solid steel$11.15/feet
PIPE 2 1/8”OD X 0.188”W X R2Raw material$3.25/feet
PIPE 5 1/2”OD X 0.75”W X R2Raw material Grade : X 95$27.80/feet
PIPE 5 1/2”OD X 0.75”W X R3Raw material Grade : X 95$27.80/feet